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Finances and Estate Planning are 2 critical life areas you can't leave to chance. In this blog, I will share various articles, tips and advice to help you navigate these areas. But a personalized 1 on 1 chat will always trump reading a blog. Call me today!

Teaching kids good money habits

If your kids regularly save their allowances and birthday money, they're well on their way to establishing great money habits. So let's build on that strong foundation with some early entrepreneurship lessons.Here are three real-world lessons and/or activities to further prepare kids and teens to successfully create wealth:Encourage entrepreneurshi...

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3 Ways to Raise Money Savvy Kids

Imagine if you gave your kids their inheritance tomorrow. How quickly would they spend it all? For most children and teens, once they get their hands on cash, they can't wait to spend it. If they aren't taught the power of budgeting and delayed gratification now, not much is likely to change in adulthood. How valuable can a job, nest egg, or inheri...

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Get SMART About Your Budget!

Budgeting can sometimes feel like a chore, particularly if you had a tough month where you spent more than you wanted to. Seeing every transaction pile up can be disheartening. Don't get lost in the weeds with how you're doing – get back on track with why you're budgeting! Whether you want to pay off debt, build up your savings, save for retirement...

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Unclaimed money here!

Google is one of the world's greatest innovations. Did you ever think you'd have all the world's knowledge compiled and instantly searchable just a click away? It's remarkable. But as anyone who has searched a medical symptom has discovered, 'Dr. Google' doesn't always know best. There are many articles that provide ideas and suggestions, but becau...

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3 Ways to Set Goals You’ll Keep

The new year is an opportunity for new beginnings – including setting new goals! Whether big or small, setting resolutions can help create a path to greater happiness and freedom. Here's the thing – setting and keeping resolutions isn't one size fits all, so this year, try a different approach to keep those resolutions! SMARTSMART goals are Specifi...

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Are You Certain Your Retirement Strategy Is Safe?

In the wake of the pandemic, more than half of all Americans could end up struggling financially in retirement.A lot of that has to do with recent market volatility both domestic and international. Over the last ten years we've seen the market break records over and over. However, that cycle has changed, and many losses have already occurred. For s...

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3 Steps for Making a Successful Budget

Budgeting is one of those activities that can pay dividends – literally! However, building and sticking to a budget can be daunting, particularly as you try to align categories with your real-life spending. Is Chipotle a want or a need? What about Starbucks (just kidding, it's absolutely a need).Whatever tools or methodologies you decide to use, al...

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Rebalance your budget

Your thirties are an exciting time! For many, it's the decade to take significant steps forward in setting and reaching personal and professional goals. So it's important to focus on a couple fundamental things that are key to getting and keeping your financial house in order.First and foremost, utilizing a budget is essential to always know where ...

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3 Things Before Reviewing Your Progress

The new year is a perfect time to review progress toward your financial objectives – whether that's in person or over video conferencing. We want to hear about your interests and plans for the new year so that we may align your desires with financial strategies that are in sync with your goals. Here are three things we recommend you spend a moment ...

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Children turning 18

Having a child turn 18 is cause for big celebration! As excited as you may be for them to start taking ownership of their lives and accountability for their actions, there's one area of control you may not want to give up quite yet. Did you know that once your child is 18 information regarding their education will no longer be disclosed to you with...

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