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Finances and Estate Planning are 2 critical life areas you can't leave to chance. In this blog, I will share various articles, tips and advice to help you navigate these areas. But a personalized 1 on 1 chat will always trump reading a blog. Call me today!

The connection between bonds and interest rates

 You may occasionally hear "talking heads" on the news discuss the bond market, but too often, these news reports use confusing language and obscure terms. Many important drivers affect the bond market, and one key concept that every investor should understand is the relationship between bond prices and interest rates.Typically, when interest ...

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Bridge the Gap With Catch-Up Contributions

Knowing how to capitalize on important financial decisions during these crucial pre-retirement years can make a huge impact on your prosperity and comfort later in life. And although clients don't always look forward to being another year older, there are some financial benefits to doing so. Once you turn 50, you may have several opportunities to s...

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Power of Attorney: Do You Have the Right One?

Hope all is well with you! During these pre-retiree years, assigning a POA can be one of the most critical steps in the financial planning process, so that your wishes are carried out no matter the circumstance. If you have or need a Power of Attorney (POA), it's important to be aware of and understand the options regarding different types. A POA c...

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National Make a Will Month

 In honor of "National Make a Will" month, our company is offering a $300 discount for the month of August only for the Estate Docs Pro program (I am offering it to BNI members only!) The email below comes from Davis-Miles law firm (Legal Shield) I know that there are a bunch of us who purchased the program from Vera (if you still have it you ...

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The Many Parts of Risk

Investing involves risk, and as we've been working together, we've discussed your risk tolerance regarding your portfolio. But in the world of finance, risk can take many forms.Here are a few types of risk that I look at when considering any potential investment:1. Business risk. How healthy is the company behind the investment?2. Market risk. How ...

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Your retirement savings plan

As a business owner offering a retirement savings plan to your employees, you have access to a range of services, resources, and solutions. It's important to understand that not all plans are created equal, nor are all plan administrators. As your business grows and your priorities change, be sure you're familiar with the available options.Here are...

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5 Important Legacies to Remember!

A legacy by definition is something handed down from someone who has gone before. However, legacies aren't just comprised of financial assets. They provide fathers and grandfathers with an opportunity to pass along what they believe in, who they are, and what their dreams are. In doing so, they're able to leave a living legacy that surpasses their ...

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Which Retirement Plan Is Best for Your Business?

As a business owner offering a retirement savings plan to your employees, it's important to know that there are many different plan types — and many different options within each of those plan types — and each can help you address different needs. Let's walk through some of those different options, along with a high-level look at some of their feat...

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The Power of Compound Interest

 Learn how to harness the power of compound interest for your investments. Warren Buffett is a smart money manager who understands the power of compound interest. Watch how he used it to make a lasting difference even from a very early age.

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3 Major Retirement Hazards to Avoid

 Boxer Mike Tyson famously quipped that "everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." Like a boxing match, sometimes life tries to throw some haymakers. The best financial plan isn't optimized to the cent; instead, it's flexible enough to allow for those unexpected moments while keeping you on track. Fortunately, there are some co...

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