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"Knowledge is power", according to Francis Bacon from his work Meditationes Sacrae (Sacred Meditations) 1597. The phrase was also used, perhaps more familiarly, by Thomas Jefferson. In our Financial & Investing Resource Center you'll be able to view videos on a huge range of topics. Feel free to browse one or all of them - they're all available at no charge and no sign-up is required.

However, much of the information here, while powerful, is very generic, and cannot be expected to cover all, or even your, individual situation. Nothing beats sitting down with an investment specialist, to strategize a tailormade plan for you. Contact me to make a time.


Manage personal affairs while you're alive and control the distribution of your wealth & estate upon your death.

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A well-structured insurance strategy can help protect your loved ones from the financial consequences of unexpected events.

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Create an investment strategy that’s designed to pursue your risk tolerance, time horizon, and goals.

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How to strike a balance between work and leisure is just one aspect of the wide-ranging Lifestyle matters.

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Managing your money involves more than simply making and following a budget. It mean making it work for you!

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Steps to consider so you can potentially accumulate the money you'll need to pursue the retirement activities you want.

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Understanding tax strategies can potentially help you better manage your overall tax situation & reduce liability.

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